Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 17394-2:2020

Textiles and textile products - Part 2: Safety of children's clothing - Security of attachment of buttons - Test method

Status: Valid

This document defines a test method for security of attachment of functional and decorative buttons to clothing including garments such as gloves, hats, scarves, hosiery, ties, and textile belts.
This document does not apply to:
a) child care articles;
b) shoes, boots and similar footwear;
c) toys (see NOTE 2);
d) other articles sold with clothing.
NOTE 1 The above items are covered by other CEN Technical Committees and as such are out of scope of this document.
NOTE 2 Disguise costumes including carnival costumes are examples of clothing which are also toys and fall within the scope of the Toy Safety Directive.
The scope of this document is limited to sewn-on buttons, toggle buttons and tack buttons.
Assessment of other garment components are considered in:
- CEN/TS 17394-3, or
- CEN/TS 17394-4.
Performance requirements are provided in CEN/TS 17394-1.


Clothes (61.020) Equipment for children (97.190)

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