Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN ISO 6781-3:2015

Performance of buildings - Detection of heat, air and moisture irregularities in buildings by infrared methods - Part 3: Qualifications of equipment operators, data analysts and report writers (ISO 6781-3:2015)

Status: Valid

This part of ISO 6781 specifies the qualifications and competence requirements for personnel who (i) perform thermographic investigations on buildings, (ii) interpret the data emanating from thermographic investigations, and (iii) report the results of thermographic investigations.

This part of ISO 6781 provides the basis for a statement of conformity, in three classes, of the knowledge, skills and abilities of individuals to perform thermographic measurements, analysis and reporting of results for small buildings, residential buildings, and commercial and institutional buildings.

This part of ISO 6781 is not applicable to specialized equipment or other specific situations.


Thermal insulation of buildings (91.120.10)

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