Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN ISO 52022-1:2017

Energy performance of buildings - Thermal, solar and daylight properties of building components and elements - Part 1: Simplified calculation method of the solar and daylight characteristics for solar protection devices combined with glazing (ISO 52022-1:2017)

Status: Valid

ISO 52022-1:2017 specifies a simplified method based on thermal, solar and light characteristics of the glazing and solar and light characteristics of the solar protection device, to estimate the total solar energy transmittance, direct energy transmittance and the light transmittance of a solar protection device combined to a glazing.


Thermal insulation of buildings (91.120.10)

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Written by: Provnings- och beräkningsmetoder - för enskilda produkter, SIS/TK 189/AG 02

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Article no: STD-8027727

Edition: 1

Approved: 7/27/2017

No of pages: 36

Replaces: SS-EN 13363-1+A1:2007/AC:2008 , SS-EN 13363-1+ A1:2007