Standard Technical reports · SIS-CEN/TR 15601:2012

Hygrothermal performance of buildings - Resistance to wind driven rain of roof coverings with discontinuously laid small elements - Test methods

Status: Valid

This Techncial Report describes a method of test for determining the resistance of pitched roof coverings to wind-driven and deluge rain.

The test method is applicable to discontinuously laid unsealed small roof covering elements such as clay tiles, concrete tiles, slates, fibre cement slates and stones.

NOTE The test method may be adapted for fittings.


Thermal insulation of buildings (91.120.10) Waterproofing (91.120.30)

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Written by: Provnings- och beräkningsmetoder - för enskilda produkter, SIS/TK 189/AG 02

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Article no: STD-85743

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Approved: 3/8/2012

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