Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 1946-3

Thermal performance of building products and components - Specific criteria for the assessment of laboratories measuring heat transfer properties - Part 3: Measurements by heat flow meter method

Status: Valid

This part 3 of this standard provides specific technical criteria for the assessment of laboratoriesto undertake steady-state heat transfer property measurements by the heat flow meter methodaccording to prEN 12667 and prEN 12664.

It complements the common criteria in part 1. Guidance is given on the organization and contentsof the equipment manual, the calibration and maintenance files and the measurement proceduredocument.

It provides information on mandatory equipment performance specifications, equipmentdescription and on calculations for the equipment design and error analysis.

It provides information on experimental procedures suitable for the assessment of equipmentaccuracy.


General (91.100.01) Thermal insulation of buildings (91.120.10)

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Language: English

Written by: Provnings- och beräkningsmetoder - för enskilda produkter, SIS/TK 189/AG 02

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Article no: STD-25371

Edition: 1

Approved: 7/30/1999

No of pages: 36