Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 1993-3-2:2006

Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures - Part 3-2 : Towers, masts and chimneys - Chimneys

Status: Valid

(1) This Part 3.2 of EN 1993 applies to the structural design of vertical steel chimneys of circular or conical section. It covers chimneys that are cantilevered, supported at intermediate levels or guyed.

(2) The provisions in this Part supplement those given in Part 1.1 of EN 1993.

(3) This part 3.2 is concerned only with the requirement for resistance (strength, stability and fatigue) of steel chimneys.

NOTE: In this context (i.e. resistance) the term chimney refers to:
a) chimney structures
b) the steel cylindrical elements of towers
c) the steel cylindrical shafts of guyed masts

(4) For provisions concerning aspects, such as chemical attack, thermo-dynamical performance or thermal insulation see EN 13084-1. For the design of liners see EN 13084-6.

(5) Foundations in reinforced concrete for steel chimneys are covered in EN 1992 and EN 1997. See also 4.7 and 5.4 of EN 13084-1.

6) Wind loads are specified in EN 1991-1-4.
NOTE: Procedures for the wind response of guyed chimneys are given in annex B of EN 1993-3-1.


Technical aspects (91.010.30) Other aspects (91.010.99) Chimneys, shafts, ducts (91.060.40) Eurocode 3, Design of steel structures (91.070.03) Steel structures (91.080.13)

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