Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 1337-1

Structural bearings - Part 1: General design rules

Status: Valid

This European Standard is applicable to structural bearings, whether used in bridges or in other structures. This European Standard does not cover: a) bearings that transmit moments as a primary function; b) bearings that resist uplift; c) bearings for moving bridges; d) concrete hinges; e) seismic devices. Although it is not intended to regulate temporary bearings this standard may be used as a guide in this case (temporary bearings are bearings used during construction or repair and maintenance of structures). NOTE 1: Although the specifications given in this European Standard are necessary, they are not sufficient in themselves for the overall design of the structures and for the consideration of geotechnical aspects. See prEN 1337-2 to prEN 1337-8 for information relating to bearings for which specifications are laid down for certain ranges of temperature only.


Technical aspects (91.010.30)

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