Standard Publicly Available Specification · SIS-ISO/PAS 21100:2014

Air cargo unit load devices - Performance requirements and test parameters (ISO/PAS 21100:2011, IDT)

Status: Withdrawn · Replaced by: SS-ISO 21100:2014

1.1 The purpose of this Publicly Available Specification is to establish the minimum requirements for airworthiness approval of air cargo pallets, nets and containers, generally designated as air cargo unit load devices.

NOTE In all countries, standing government regulations apply to air cargo unit load device airworthiness approval. This Publicly Available Specification is intended to provide a uniform technical reference for air cargo unit load device approval, but does not, under any circumstance, supersede the requirements of applicable regulations or the aircraft manufacturer’s authority approved Weight and Balance Manual.

1.2 This Publicly Available Specification defines the minimum performance requirements and test parameters for air cargo unit load devices requiring approval of airworthiness for installation in an approved aircraft cargo compartment and restraint system that complies with the cargo restraint and occupant protection requirements of EASA CS-25 or of FAR Part 25, except for the 9,0g forward ultimate inertia force of § 25.561 (b) (3) (ii).

1.3 This Publicly Available Specification applies to airworthiness approved air cargo unit load devices intended for carriage on board civil transport category airplanes of the type certificated under EASA CS-25, Certification specifications for large aeroplanes, or FAR Part 25, Airworthiness standards — Transport category airplanes, or equivalent regulations.

1.4 This Publicly Available Specification applies exclusively to unit load device airworthiness approval and testing parameters. It does not apply to either aircraft design or aircraft operating requirements, which are provided by the approved Weight and Balance Manual for each aircraft type.


General (49.020) Ground service and maintenance equipment (49.100) Cargo equipment (49.120)

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Replaced by: SS-ISO 21100:2014