Transfer of copyright to the Swedish Institute for Standards

For the Swedish Institute for Standards, SIS, to make standards available to the public and to fulfil its commitment to ISO and CEN, experts who participate in standardization work must charge for free and permanently transfer the copyright to SIS. This is a prerequisite for being part of the standardization work within SIS.

A standard is to be considered as a so-called collective copyright work. The copyright to such work always belongs to the natural persons, the authors, who created the work, i.e. the experts/project participants who contribute to the standard.

For SIS to sell standards, participants in the committee must transfer an exclusive right to use the so-called Economic rights to the copyright work to SIS (or other collaborative organisations). The transfer includes a right for SIS to make use of all or part of the work, either itself or by transfer or licencing to another, such as other companies within the SIS Group or other collaborative organizations such as the Comité Européen de Normalization (CEN) or the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

 For further information about copyright, please contact SIS, phone 08 - 555 523 00.