Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 14096-2

Non-destructive testing - Qualification of radiographic film digitisation systems - Part 2: Minimum requirements

Status: Withdrawn · Replaced by: SS-EN ISO 14096-2:2020

This European Standard specifies three film-digitisation quality classes for the requirements of non-destructive testing. The selected class depends on the radiation energy, penetrated material thickness and the quality level of the original radiographic film. This European Standard does not address signal processing, display and storage of the digitised data.


Non-destructive testing (19.100) Radiographic films (37.040.25)

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Language: English

Written by: SIS - Materialteknik

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Article no: STD-34070

Edition: 1

Approved: 5/16/2003

No of pages: 8

Replaced by: SS-EN ISO 14096-2:2020