Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 16729-1:2016

Railway applications - Infrastructure - Non-destructive testing on rails in track - Part 1: Requirements for ultrasonic inspection and evaluation principles

Status: Valid

This European Standard applies to testing of rails installed in track for detecting internal discontinuities.

This part applies to testing equipment fitted to dedicated test vehicles or manually-propelled devices. This European Standard does not define the requirements for vehicle acceptance. This part of the standard does not apply to ultrasonic testing of rails in a production plant.

The European Standard specifies the requirements for testing principles and systems in order to produce comparable results with regard to location, type and size of discontinuities in rails. This European Standard is not aiming to give any guidelines for managing the result of ultrasonic rail testing.

This European Standard applies only to rail profiles meeting the requirements of EN 13674-1.


General (45.060.01) Construction of railways (93.100)

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