Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 16727-1:2018

Railway applications - Track - Noise barriers and related devices acting on airborne sound propagation - Non-acoustic performance - Part 1: Mechanical performance under static loadings - Calculation and test method

Status: Valid

This document applies only to noise barriers composed of posts as structural elements and panels as acoustic elements (fabricated for example from metal, timber, plastic or concrete panels). It also applies for acoustic claddings of existing walls and partial or total acoustic coverings of the rail track. It is important that acoustic elements are tested together with the structural elements to represent the noise barrier as in the intended use. This document provides criteria to verify railway noise barriers and related devices according to basic mechanical performance under standard conditions of exposure, irrespective of the materials used. A range of conditions and optional requirements is provided to allow for the wide diversity of practice within Europe. Individual aspects of performance are covered separately in the annexes. This document provides test methods and criteria for the assessment of railway noise barriers with respect to their mechanical performance and stability under static loading.


General (45.060.01) Construction of railways (93.100)

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