Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 13803-1:2010

Railway applications - Track - Track alignment design parameters - Track gauges 1435 mm and wider - Part 1: Plain line

Status: Withdrawn · Replaced by: SS-EN 13803:2017

This European Standard specifies the rules and limits that determine permissible speed for a given track alignment. Alternatively, for a specified permissible speed, it defines limits for track alignment design parameters.

More restrictive requirements of the High Speed TSI Infrastructure and the Conventional Rail TSI Infrastructure, as well as other (national, company, etc.) rules will apply.

This European Standard applies to main lines with track gauges 1435 mm and wider with permissible speeds between 80 km/h and 300 km/h. Annex C (informative) describes the conversion rules which can be applied for tracks with gauges wider than 1435 mm. Normative Annex D is applied for track gauges wider than 1435 mm.

However, the values and conditions stated for this speed range can also be applied to lines where permissible speeds are less than 80 km/h, but in this case, more or less restrictive values may need to be used and should be defined in the contract.

This European Standard need not be applicable to certain urban and suburban lines.

This European Standard also takes account of vehicles that have been approved for high cant deficiencies.

For the operation of tilting trains, specific requirements are defined within this European Standard.


Rails and railway components (45.080) Construction of railways (93.100)

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Language: English

Written by: SIS - Industriteknik

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Article no: STD-74698

Edition: 1

Approved: 7/14/2010

No of pages: 80

Replaces: SS-ENV 13803-1

Replaced by: SS-EN 13803:2017