Standard Swedish standard · SS-ISO 2017-1:2005

Mechanical vibration and shock - Resilient mounting systems - Part 1: Technical information to be exchanged for the application of isolation systems (ISO 2017-1:2005, IDT)

Status: Valid

This part of ISO 2017 establishes requirements to ensure the appropriate exchange of information between users, manufacturers and suppliers of vibration sources and receivers regarding the application of isolation systems. The sources and the receivers can be machines, structures, people or sensitive equipment subjected to vibrations and shocks generated by machines, railways, road traffic and other external and internal sources where the vibrations are usually transmitted through the ground to a building. This part of ISO 2017 is applicable to the use of new products (source or receiver), and can also be applied to previously installed products when the user wishes to solve a newly arisen vibration problem. It is not to be considered as a manual for the design or installation of an isolation system. Examples of elements of vibration isolation are shown in Annex A, for information only. This part of ISO 2017 is intended to provide appropriate responses to questions highlighted by the producer and users (e.g. why, what, when and how to isolate mechanical systems).


Vibrations, shock and vibration measurements (17.160)

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Written by: SIS - Industriteknik

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Article no: STD-39028

Edition: 1

Approved: 3/11/2005

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