Standard Technical reports · SIS-ISO/TR 13014:2012

Nanotechnologies - Guidance on physico-chemical characterization of engineered nanoscale materials for toxicologic assessment (ISO/TR 13014:2012, IDT incl Cor 1)

Status: Valid

This Technical Report provides guidance for the physico-chemical characterization of manufactured nanoobjects and their aggregates and agglomerates (NOAA) greater than 100 nm presented for toxicological testing in order to aid in assessing and interpreting the toxicological impact of manufactured nano-objects and to allow the material under test to be differentiated from seemingly similar materials. For each of the selected properties, a description, clarification, relevance, measurand and example measurement methods are provided. This Technical Report will be of value to parties (e.g. toxicologists, ecotoxicologists, regulators, health and safety professionals) interested in assessing and interpreting the potential toxicological effect of manufactured NOAAs.


Physics, chemistry (07.030)

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Written by: SIS - Materialteknik

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Article no: STD-87395

Edition: 1

Approved: 9/7/2012

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