Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 1501-4:2007

Refuse collection vehicles and their associated lifting devices - General requirements and safety requirements - Part 4: Noise test code for refuse collection vehicles

Status: Valid

This European Standard specifies the method for measuring the noise emission, which is a significant hazard of refuse collection vehicles (RCVs). Its goal is to obtain, on one hand, the emission sound pressure level at the operator’s position(s) and, on the other hand, the sound power level of the RCV during waste collection. It specifies a standardized procedure for measurement and later comparison of RCVs noise emission, consisting of four operating conditions: chassis operation, compaction operation, lifting, tilting and lowering operation of a container and dumping of specified waste into the RCV. Together with information concerning other parameters, the test results obtained in accordance with this standard are also applicable to the evaluation of the hazards generated by noise from RCVs. This standard addresses the uncertainties due to measurement procedures. This standard deals with the noise measurement conditions for the types of RCVs defined and described in the standards of the EN 1501 series.


Waste management - Containers and their technical equipment (14.330) Noise emitted by means of transport (17.140.30) Special purpose vehicles (43.160)

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