Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN ISO 17652-2:2004

Welding - Test for shop primers in relation to welding and allied processes - Part 2: Welding properties of shop primers (ISO 17652-2:2003)

Status: Valid

This part of this European Standard describes tests for assessing the influence of shop primers on the weldability. The following tests are detailed: a) Rating test This screening test provides a method of assessing the relative weldability of a shop primer of a specified thickness by making a standard weld and subsequently evaluating the severity of the resulting porosity. Rating tests are suitable for declaration by suppliers of the influence of particular shop primers and similar purposes; b) Weldability test This test describes a method for evaluating the weldability of welding consumables and shop primer combinations, using various arc welding processes. A standard size fillet is produced that enables comparison to be made. An overall assessment of the quality of the resultant weld is made. Weldability tests may be more closely related to actual conditions during production. For precaution for protection of health, safety and environment during testing, see EN ISO 17652-1.


Welding processes (25.160.10)

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