Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 868-6:2017

Packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices - Part 6: Paper for low temperature sterilization processes - Requirements and test methods

Status: Valid

This European Standard specifies test methods and values for paper used in the manufacture of preformed sterile barrier systems and/or packaging systems that are intended to maintain sterility of terminally sterilized medical devices to the point of use.
Other than the general requirements as specified in EN ISO 11607-1 and EN ISO 11607-2 this part of EN 868 specifies materials, test methods and values that are specific to the products covered by this European Standard.
Paper specified in this European Standard is intended for use in part or complete manufacture of pouches and form and fill packs and lidding material for trays.
NOTE 1 The paper specified in this part of the EN 868 series is suitable for the manufacture of sterile barrier systems to be used in ethylene oxide, irradiation or low temperature steam formaldehyde sterilization processes and to produce coated paper according to EN 868–7.
NOTE 2 Paper according to EN 868–3 can also be used for these sterilization processes.
The materials specified in this part of EN 868 are intended for single use only.


Sterilized packaging (11.080.30) Packaging materials and accessories (55.040)

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Written by: SIS - Hälso- och sjukvård

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Article no: STD-8025053

Edition: 3

Approved: 2/13/2017

No of pages: 28

Replaces: SS-EN 868-6:2009