Standard Swedish standard · SS-ISO 14850-1:2010

Nuclear energy - Waste-packages activity measurement - Part 1: High-resolution gamma spectrometry in integral mode with open geometry (ISO 14850-1:2004, IDT)

Status: Valid

This part of ISO 14850 describes a procedure for measurements of gamma-emitting radionuclide activity in the following homogeneous objects:
- unconditioned waste, including process waste (filters, control rods, etc.), dismantling waste, etc.;
- waste conditioned in various matrices (bitumen, hydraulic binder, thermosetting resins, etc.), notably in the form of 100 l, 200 l, 400 l or 800 l drums, and test specimens or samples, (vitrified waste);
- waste packaged in a container, notably technological waste.

It also specifies the calibration of the gamma spectrometry chain.

The gamma energies used generally range from 0,05 MeV to 3 MeV.


Special wastes (13.030.30) Radiation measurements (17.240)

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