Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 1744-8:2012

Tests for chemical properties of aggregates - Part 8: Sorting test to determine metal content of Municipal Incinerator Bottom Ash (MIBA) Aggregates

Status: Valid

This European Standard specifies a simple method for the examination of Municipal Incinerator Bottom Ash (MIBA) Aggregates for the purpose of estimating the relative proportions of metallic constituents. This European Standard describes the reference methods used for type testing and, in case of dispute, for estimating the relative proportions of aluminium or other metallic constituents of MIBA Aggregates. For other purposes, in particular factory production control, other methods may be used provided that an appropriate working relationship with the reference method has been established. NOTE MIBA Aggregates can also contain agglomerates which only contain a portion of metal. A supplementary method for preparation of a test portion containing agglomerated particles, using crushing and sieving, is given in Annex A (normative).


Recycling (13.030.50)

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Approved: 8/25/2012

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