Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 14735:2005

Characterization of waste - Preparation of waste samples for ecotoxicity tests

Status: Valid · Corrected by: SS-EN 14735:2005/AC:2006

This European Standard describes the necessary steps to be performed before carrying out ecotoxicity tests on wastes. The purpose of this European Standard is to provide guidance on the taking of the sample, transport, storage of wastes and to define preparation, for the determination of ecotoxicological properties of wastes under the conditions specified in this European Standard by biological testing either as raw wastes or water extracts from wastes. Sample preparation for other applications (e.g. assessment of waste effects on aquatic and terrestrial organisms in a disposal scenario) is not considered. Specifying a test battery to characterize ecotoxicological properties of wastes is not in the scope of this European Standard. This European Standard is applicable to solid and liquid wastes.


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Approved: 9/9/2005

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