Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 16522:2014

Tanks for transport of dangerous goods - Service equipment for tanks - Flame arresters for breather devices

Status: Valid

This European Standard defines the minimum requirements for flame arresters fitted to tanks for the transport of dangerous goods. This European Standard specifies the type of flame arrestor to be used for breather devices as part of the service equipment of fixed tanks and demountable tanks for the transport of liquid petroleum products. The equipment specified by this European Standard is suitable for use with liquid petroleum products and other dangerous substances of Class 3 of ADR which have a vapour pressure not exceeding 110 kPa at 50 °C and petrol, and which have no subclassification as toxic or corrosive. It also specifies the tests necessary to verify the compliance of the equipment with this European Standard. Emergency pressure relief valves in accordance with EN 14596 are excluded from the requirements of this European Standard.


Protection against dangerous goods (13.300) Vessels and containers mounted on vehicles (23.020.20) Pressure regulators (23.060.40)

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