Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN ISO 13138:2012

Air quality - Sampling conventions for airborne particle deposition in the human respiratory system (ISO 13138:2012)

Status: Valid

This International Standard specifes sampling conventions to defne idealized samplers for estimating the deposition of non-volatile, non-hygroscopic, non-fbrous aerosols in fve specifc loci of the respiratory tract. The fve loci consist of the anterior and posterior areas of the nasal passages, the ciliated and non-ciliated parts of the tracheobronchial area, and the alveolar (gas exchange) region.

The conventions are separated into three independent sampling effciencies defned in terms of thermodynamic diameter characterizing the diffusive (Brownian) motion of sub-micrometre particles and four effciencies in terms of aerodynamic diameter >0,1 µm characterizing deposition by impaction, interception or gravitational settling. Each conventional curve has been developed as an average of 12 deposition curves corresponding to 12 breathing conditions ranging from sitting to heavy exercise, male vs female, and breathing mode (mouth vs nasal breathing).

NOTE Deposition is computed according to a model developed by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP, Reference [3]).


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