Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 1317-5:2007+A2:2012

Road restraint systems - Part 5: Product requirements and evaluation of conformity for vehicle restraint systems

Status: Valid · Corrected by: SS-EN 1317-5:2007+A2:2012/AC:2013

This European Standard specifies requirements for evaluation of conformity of the following vehicle restraint systems: a) safety barriers; b) crash cushions; c) terminals (will be effective when ENV 1317-4 becomes an EN); d) transitions (will be effective when ENV 1317-4 becomes an EN); e) vehicle / pedestrian parapets (only for the vehicle restraint function). Pedestrian parapet requirements are not covered in this document. Requirements for the evaluation of durability with respect to weathering are included in this document. Requirements for other forms of durability (e.g. marine environment, sand abrasion) are not included. Temporary barriers are not within the scope of this document.


Accident and disaster control (13.200) Road equipment and installations (93.080.30)

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Language: English

Written by: SIS - Industriteknik

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Article no: STD-85875

Edition: 1

Approved: 3/29/2012

No of pages: 52

Replaces: SS-EN 1317-5:2007+A1:2008 , SS-EN 1317-5:2007+A1:2008