Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 16780:2018

Textile child care articles - Safety requirements and test methods for children's cot bumpers

Status: Valid

This European Standard specifies requirements for the safety of children's cot bumpers used in the children's sleeping environment (i.e. not under supervision) when sleeping in a cot or similar product (e.g. crib/cradle) in which a child is contained. NOTE The informative Annex C lists topics of further investigation which might lead to necessary improvement of the safety requirements of cot bumpers. If a part of the children's cot bumpers is designed to offer additional function (e.g. play function), this part will, in addition to the following requirements, be subjected to safety requirements related to relevant standards (see A.1).


Furniture (97.140) Equipment for children (97.190)

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Written by: Risker i barns sovmiljö, SIS/TK 160/AG 08

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Article no: STD-80005831

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Approved: 8/6/2018

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