Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN ISO 8970:2010

Timber structures - Testing of joints made with mechanical fasteners - Requirements for wood density (ISO 8970:2010)

Status: Withdrawn · Replaced by: SS-EN ISO 8970:2020

This International Standard specifies a method, based on density, for the selection of pieces of wood used in determining the strength and stiffness properties of connections made with mechanical fasteners.

It is assumed the wood density is normally distributed and that any deviations are reported.

This International Standard is applicable only to specimens of wood.

NOTE It is emphasized that the wood density is only one of the properties that can influence the strength of a joint. Other relevant properties are, for example, growth-ring size, slope of grain, toughness and hardness.


Timber structures (91.080.20)

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Written by: Bärande träkonstruktioner, SIS/TK 182/AG 04

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Article no: STD-74486

Edition: 1

Approved: 6/29/2010

No of pages: 16

Replaces: SS-EN 28970

Replaced by: SS-EN ISO 8970:2020