Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 16566:2014

Paints and varnishes - Fillers for internal and/or external works - Adaptation of fillers to European standards

Status: Valid

This European Standard defines coating materials designed to cover all backgrounds and substrates in traditional materials or compliant with the standards in force, whether new or existing, bare or coated, absorbent or non-absorbent, smooth or rough, in order to prepare them to receive a paint or related system, or a bonded cover, whether specific or not. More generally intended to improve the surface appearance, they can also:
- not be over-coated;
- create a textured appearance or not;
- be treated/coloured or not (pigments, wax, etc.).
Exterior fillers are not intended as top coat.
Interior coating materials with grain size over 1 mm are not covered by this European Standard.
Fillers specifically intended for wooden and metal substrates are not covered by this European Standard.
This European Standard complies with the general system for classification of water-borne coating materials and coating systems for interior walls and ceilings described in EN 13300.
This European Standard complies with the general system for the description of coating materials and coating systems for exterior masonry and concrete described in EN 1062 1.
The essential function of fillers is therefore a decorative function. Therefore, these fillers are considered here as preparatory and/or decorative fillers, of smooth or textured appearance.
NOTE Nothing prevents preparatory surface filler from being coated with a paint system comprising protective functions.
However, they are not suitable for truing of backgrounds, without specifications regarding the verticality, angularity or flatness under a 2-m straight edge, or thickness. Their application never requires, to ensure they bond correctly, the prior application of a rigid reinforcement such as a lathwork or wire mesh, or a spatter-dash or bagging or scoring of the surface between two coats. They may nevertheless incorporate a flexible reinforcement (strip of natural or synthetic fabric) for example along joints between different or ...


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