Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 15643-5:2017

Sustainability of construction works - Sustainability assessment of buildings and civil engineering works - Part 5: Framework on specific principles and requirement for civil engineering works

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This European Standard provides specific principles and requirements for the assessment of environmental, social and economic performance of civil engineering works taking into account its technical characteristics and functionality. Assessments of environmental, social and economic performance are the three aspects of sustainability assessment of civil engineering works. The framework applies to all types of civil engineering works, both new and existing, and it is relevant for the assessment of the environmental, social and economic performance of new civil engineering works over their entire life cycle, and of existing civil engineering works over their remaining service life and end of life stage. The sustainability performance assessment of civil engineering works concentrates on the assessment of aspects and impacts of civil engineering works expressed with quantifiable indicators. It includes the assessment of a civil engineering works’ influence on the environmental, social and economic impacts and aspects of the local infrastructure beyond the area of the civil engineering works, and environmental impacts and aspects resulting from transportation of the users of the civil engineering works and the use and exploitation of the infrastructure itself. It excludes environmental, social and economic risk assessment, but the results of the risk assessment should be taken into consideration. The European Standards developed under this framework do not set the rules for how the different assessment methodologies may provide valuation methods; nor do they prescribe levels, classes or benchmarks for measuring performance. NOTE Valuation methods, levels, classes or benchmarks can be prescribed in the requirements for environmental, social and economic performance in the client’s brief, construction regulations, national standards, national codes of practice, civil engineering works assessment and certification schemes, etc. The rules for assessment of environ ...


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