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Textiles - Safety of children's clothing - Guidance on the use of EN 14682:2014 Cords and drawstrings on children's clothing - Specifications

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This document has been written to help all users of EN 14682:2014 with the understanding of garment styling and the harmonized standard. The document is in 'Question and Answer' format. All the garments mentioned are examples of frequently asked questions raised by the clothing industry or market surveillance authorities. The responses have been reviewed and agreed upon by CEN/TC 248/WG 20. In general CEN TC 248 WG20 has observed that retailers advertising, websites and visual merchandise displays are used by consumers to inform on how to wear or style a garment. Frequently garments which comply with EN 14682 if worn correctly have been displayed incorrectly, encouraging a “fashion”. Retailers are encouraged to remind their non-technical colleagues of the GPSD and EN 14682 in product displays. Correct product presentation will also reduce misunderstanding by either the consumer or market authorities.


Clothes (61.020) Equipment for children (97.190)

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