Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 1794-3:2016

Vägutrustning - Bullerskydd - Icke-akustiska egenskaper - Del 3: Reaktion vid brandpåverkan - Brandegenskaper avseende ljuddämpande anordningar och klassificering

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This European Standard is to give authorities, designers and specifiers information with respect to reaction to fire, smoke density and toxic fumes of materials used in noise reducing devices.
The combination of brushwood fire test, smoke density test and test for toxic fumes give in general enough safety information. This European Standard gives also information if more stringent requirements are requested for situations with a higher level of safety.
For noise reducing devices, this European Standard gives a method how to handle substantial components of non-homogeneous products (as defined in EN 13501-1 and ISO/DIS 5659-2:2016) and how to handle non-homogeneous products and in which cases the influence of non-substantial components on the total result of the classification may be neglected.
The following effects will be taken into account: ignitability, burning droplets, smoke growth rate, smoke density, toxic fumes.
The European Commission Decision 96/603/EC establish the list of products belonging to Classes A ‘No contribution to fire ’. The materials, and products made from them, that are listed in the Annex to this Decision, will, on account of their low level of combustibility and subject to the conditions also set out in the Annex, be classified in Classes A1 and Class A1FL as provided for in Tables 1 and 2 of the Annex to Decision 2000/147/EC. For the purpose of this classification, no reaction-to-fire testing of those materials and products made from them is required. The products considered having no contribution to fire are excluded from this standard.


Materials och produkters antändlighet och motståndskraft vid brand (13.220.40) Vägutrustning och väginstallationer (93.080.30)


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