Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 15725:2010/AC:2012

Rapporter om utvidgad tillämpning vad gäller konstruktioners och byggnadsdelars brandtekniska egenskaper

Status: Gällande

This European Standard gives the procedures for preparing reports on the extended application process using the results of reaction to fire tests, fire resistance tests and external fire exposure to roof tests undertaken for fire classification of products and product families in accordance with the various parts of EN 13501. This standard makes reference to ‘extended application standards’ throughout; wherever this term is used it refers to either a standard prepared by CEN/TC 127 ‘Fire safety in buildings’ or the relevant product standard which includes information on extended application. In some cases, where a standard is not yet published, relevant bodies may issue recommendations for use by Notified Bodies in attestation procedures for CE marking under the Construction Products Directive (CPD), The European system currently permits extended application rules to be included in technical specifications. CEN Technical Committees and EOTA Working groups producing these rules are asked to seek the guidance of CEN/TC 127 to ensure that their rules comply with standards prepared by CEN/TC 127. In cases where extended application rules in harmonised EN product standards and ETAs do not comply with standards prepared by CEN/TC 127 the CEN BT should be informed.


Brandtålighet för byggnadsmaterial (13.220.50)


Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: Brandsäkerhet, SIS/TK 181

Internationell titel: Extended application reports on the fire performance of construction products and building elements

Artikelnummer: STD-84915

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Fastställd: 2012-02-07

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Korrigerar: SS-EN 15725:2010