Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 13381-6:2012

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This European Standard specifies a test method for determining the contribution of fire protection systems to the fire resistance of structural concrete filled hollow steel columns. The concrete can be lightweight, normal-weight or heavyweight concrete, and of all the strength classes provided for in EN 1994-1-2. The use of a dry sand is considered to be an alternative, conservative approach to the use of wet concrete. A specification for dry sand is given in 5.6.3.

The method is applicable to all fire protection systems used for the protection of concrete filled hollow columns and includes sprayed fire protection, reactive coatings, cladding protection systems and multi-layer or composite fire protection materials.

If there is no hollow section data from EN 13381-4 or EN 13381-8, this European Standard cannot be used. For passive systems, this data can be derived using the Formula in Annex A of EN 13381-4:2002.

Testing to this European Standard is not required if the fire protection thicknesses for hollow sections derived from EN 13381-4 or EN 13381-8 are to be used for concrete filled hollow sections.

The evaluation is designed to cover a range of thicknesses of the applied fire protection material, a range of steel sections, characterized by their diameters and wall thicknesses, a range of design temperatures and a range of valid fire protection classification periods.

The test method is applicable to fire protection systems which are intimately in contact with the structural column, or which include an airspace between the structural column and the protection system.

This European Standard specifies the fire tests which are carried out to determine the ability of the fire protection system to provide fire protection to composite columns. The tests produce data on the average steel temperatures of the composite column, when exposed to the time/temperature curve according to the procedures defined herein. This European Standard also provides the assess...


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