Standard Svensk standard · SS-ISO 19281:2016

Utrustning för flygfrakt - Brandhärdiga containrar - Prestanda- och utförandekrav samt provningsmetoder (ISO 19281:2016, IDT)

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This International Standard specifies the minimum design and performance criteria and testing methods of passive fire resistant containers (FRCs) for carriage on aircraft main deck, to be used on either of the following:a) in those cargo compartments of civil transport aircraft where they constitute one means of complying with applicable airworthiness regulations;b) on a voluntary basis, when deemed appropriate by operators to improve fire protection in aircraft cargo compartments where airworthiness regulations do not currently mandate their use.The fire resistant containers (FRCs) specified by this International Standard are intended to be used to contain and restrain unitized cargo for loading into either of the following aircraft main deck cargo compartments:zbr>a) Class B aircraft cargo compartments according to CS-25, CCAR-25, JAS Part 3 or 14CFR Part 25 25.857 (b), in accordance a) or b) above;b) Class E aircraft cargo compartments according to CS-25, CCAR-25, JAS Part 3 or 14CFR Part 25 25.857 (e), in accordance with b) above;c) Class F aircraft cargo compartments according to CS-25 § 25.857(f) and AMC to CS-25.855 and 25.857, or 14CFR Part 25 § 25.857(f) and FAA Advisory Circular AC25.857-X, in accordance with a) above.NOTE 1 Though nothing formally prevents a fire resistant container (FRC) from being carried in a lower deck Class C aircraft cargo compartment, it is not intended for this use since its fire containment capability would be redundant with that of the aircraft’s fire detection and suppression system, which it could hamper. Consult current regulatory guidance materials and aircraft type’s Weight and Balance Manual whenever available.Containers are specified in this International Standard only insofar as their flammability requirements and fire resistance performance are concerned. They are not otherwise specified in this International Standard, but still require meeting the applicable general standards.


Brandskydd (13.220.20) Lastanordningar (49.120) Containrar, pallar och nät för flygfrakt (55.180.30)


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Internationell titel: Air cargo - Fire resistant containers - Design, performance and testing requirements (ISO 19281:2016, IDT)

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