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Brandteknisk dimensionering - Krav för algebraiska formler - Ventilationsflöden genom öppningar (ISO 16737:2006, IDT)

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1.1 The requirements in this International Standard govern the application of algebraic equation sets to the calculation of specific characteristics of vent flows.

1.2 This International Standard is an implementation of the general requirements provided in ISO/TR 13387-3 for the case of fire dynamics calculations involving sets of algebraic equations.

1.3 This International Standard is arranged in the form of a template, where specific information relevant to algebraic vent-flow equations is provided to satisfy the following types of general requirements:

a) description of physical phenomena addressed by the calculation method;

b) documentation of the calculation procedure and its scientific basis;

c) limitations of the calculation method;

d) input parameters for the calculation method;

e) domain of applicability of the calculation method.

1.4 Examples of sets of algebraic equations meeting all the requirements of this International Standard are provided in separate annexes to this International Standard for each different type of vent-flow scenario. Currently, there is one informative annex containing general information and conservation relationships for vent flows and a second informative annex with specific algebraic equations for calculation of vent-flow characteristics.


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Internationell titel: Fire safety engineering - Requirements governing algebraic equations - Vent flows (ISO 16737:2006, IDT)

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