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Brandkemi - Bildningsmekanismer och mätning av aerosoler (ISO 29904:2013, IDT)

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This International Standard provides a guide to the generation of aerosol particles in fires, defines
apparatus and procedures for the sampling and measurement of aerosols, and provides procedures for
the interpretation and reporting of the data. It is intended to assist fire test designers and those making
measurements at unwanted fires to choose and use appropriate methods for aerosol measurement for
differing hazards to people and the environment.
This International Standard identifies the scope, applicability, and limitations of each method. The
interpretation of the data from these measurements is strongly dependent on the end use of the data.
Fire-generated aerosols may present a direct risk of restricting escape from fire by obscuring an exit
route, or they may produce chronic health and environmental hazards from chemical compounds
contained in the aerosol (for example, toxic chemicals like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soot or
radionuclides form nuclear plant fires.) Aerosol particles may be inhaled to various depths in the lungs,
depending on their size and density, or may be released into the environment and deposited on land
and in watercourses.


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Internationell titel: Fire chemistry - Generation and measurement of aerosols (ISO 29904:2013, IDT)

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