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Rörugnsmetod med kontrollerad ekvivalenskvot för bestämning av skadliga rökgaskomponenter - Steady-state tube furnance

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This document describes a steady-state tube furnace (SSTF) method for the generation of fire effluent for the identification and measurement of its constituent combustion products, in particular, the yields of toxicants under a range of fire decomposition conditions.It uses a moving test specimen and a tube furnace at different temperatures and airflow rates as the fire model. The interlaboratory reproducibility has been assessed with selected homogenous thermoplastic materials and this document is therefore limited in applicability to such materials. The method is validated for testing homogeneous thermoplastic materials that produce yields of a defined consistency. See limitations in Clause 12.This method has been designed as a performance-based engineering method to provide data for input to hazard assessments and fire safety engineering design calculations. The method can be used to model a wide range of combustion conditions by using different combinations of temperature, non-flaming and flaming decomposition conditions and different fuel/oxygen ratios in the tube furnace. These include the combustion conditions for the following types of fires, as detailed in ISO 19706:2011, Table 1:— Stage 1: Non-flaming:— Stage 1b) Oxidative pyrolysis from externally applied radiation;— Stage 2: Well-ventilated flaming (representing a flaming developing fire);— Stage 3: Under-ventilated flaming:— Stage 3a) Small localized fires in closed or poorly ventilated compartments;— Stage 3b) Post-flashover fires.


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