Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 14436:2004

Koppar och kopparlegeringar - Elektrolytiskt förtenta band

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This document specifies: -- the composition and tolerances on dimensions in the thickness range from 0,1 mm up to and including 4 mm of strip of copper and copper alloys to be tinned with tin or a tin-lead alloy or other tin alloys; -- the composition of the material to be used for the coating; -- the properties of strip before tinning; -- the properties of the electrolytically tinned strip; -- the preferred thicknesses (mean values) and thickness ranges of coatings and their eventual sub-layers; -- the types of coating and sub-layer; -- the edgewise curvature of electrolytically tinned strip; -- the sampling procedure; -- the methods of test to be used for verification of conformity to the requirements of this standard; -- the delivery conditions.


Kopparprodukter (77.150.30)


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Fastställd: 2004-09-03

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