Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 1982:2017

Koppar och kopparlegeringar - Tackor och gjutgods

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This European Standard specifies the composition, mechanical properties and other relevant characteristics of copper and copper alloys. The sampling procedures and test methods for the verification of conformity to the requirements of this standard are also specified. This European Standard is applicable to: a) copper alloy ingots intended to be remelted for later processing (e.g. castings); and b) copper and copper alloy castings which are intended for use without subsequent working other than machining. Recommended practice for the ordering and supply of castings is included in Annex A. Optional supplementary inspection procedures for ingots and castings are included in Annex B. NOTE Ingots are not suitable for pressure equipment applications.


Kopparprodukter (77.150.30)


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Fastställd: 2017-09-13

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Ersätter: SS-EN 1982:2008