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Vägtrafikinformatik - Elektronisk vägavgiftsupptagning - Provning av fast och fordonsmonterad utrustning - Del 1: Beskrivning av provningsmetoder (ISO/TS 14907-1:2015)

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This part of ISO/TS 14907 specifies the test procedures of EFC roadside equipment (RSE) and on-board equipment (OBE) with regard to the conformance to standards and requirements for type approval and acceptance testing which is within the realm of EFC application specifically. The scope of this part of ISO/TS 14907 is restricted to systems operating within the radio emission, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations, traffic, and other regulations of the countries in which they are operated. This part of ISO/TS 14907 identifies a set of suitable parameters and provides test procedures to enable the proof of a complete EFC system, as well as components of an EFC system, e.g. OBE, related to the defined requirements of an application. The defined parameter and tests are assigned to the following groups of parameters: — functionality; — quality; — referenced pre-tests. An overview of the tests and parameters provided by this part of ISO/TS 14907 is given in 5.1 and 5.2. This part of ISO/TS 14907 describes procedures, methods and tools, and a test plan which shows the relation between all tests and the sequence of these tests. It lists all tests that are required to measure the performance of EFC equipment. It describes which EFC equipment is covered by the test procedures; the values of the parameters to be tested are not included. It also describes how the tests are to be performed and which tools and prerequisites are necessary before this series of tests can be undertaken. It is assumed that the security of the system is inherent in the communications and EFC functionality tests, therefore they are not addressed here. All tests in this part of ISO/TS 14907 provide instructions to evaluate the test results. The test procedures can be used for prototype testing, type approvals, test of installations, and periodic inspections. Thus this part of ISO/TS 14907 defines only the test and test procedures, not the benchmark figures that these are to be measured against. Related to a conceptual model of an EFC system, this part of ISO/TS 14907 relates only to the equipment of the user and the service provider as illustrated in Figure 1. Any other entities are outside the scope of this part of ISO/TS 14907.


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Internationell titel: Electronic fee collection - Test procedures for user and fixed equipment - Part 1: Description of test procedures (ISO/TS 14907-1:2015)

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