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Hälsoinformatik - Rättighetshantering och åtkomstkontroll - Del 1: Översikt och policyhantering (ISO 22600-1:2014)

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The distributed architecture of shared care information systems is increasingly based on networks. For meeting the interoperability challenge, the use of standardised user interfaces, tools and protocols, which ensures platform independence, is growing and consequently the number of really open information systems based on corporate networks and virtual private networks has also been rapidly growing during the last couple of years. This multi part International Standard defines privilege management and access control services required for communication and use of distributed health information across policy domain boundaries. The document introduces principles and specifies services needed for managing privileges and access control. It specifies the necessary component based concepts and is intended to support their technical implementation. It will not specify the use of these concepts in particular clinical process pathways. This International Standard is strongly related to other ISO/TC 215 work such as ISO 17090 “Public Key Infrastructure”, ISO 22857 “Health Informatics – Guidelines on data protection to facilitate transborder flows of personal health information” and ISO 21091 ”Health informatics - Directory services for security, communications and identification of professional and patient”. It is also related to the work in progress on ISO/TS 21298 “Health informatics – Functional and structural roles”. This International Standard is intended to support the needs of healthcare information sharing across unaffiliated providers of healthcare, healthcare organisations, health insurance companies, their patients, staff members and trading partners. This International Standard is intended to support inquiries from both individuals and application systems. This multi part International Standard Specification defines methods for managing authorisation and access control to data and/or functions. It accommodates policy bridging. It is based on a conceptual model ...


Hälso- och sjukvårdsinformatik (35.240.80)


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Internationell titel: Health informatics - Privilege management and access control - Part 1: Overview and policy management (ISO 22600-1:2014)

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