Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 30-1-3

Gasutrustning - Gasspisar - Del 1-3: Säkerhetskrav - Spis med keramikhäll

Status: Upphävd · Ersätts av: SS-EN 30-1-3:2003+A1:2006

This standard specifies the construction and performance characteristics as well as the requirements and methods of test for the safety and marking of domestic cooking appliances, capable of using the combustible gases defined in EN 30-1-1:1998 and EN 30-1-1:1998/A1:1999, having one or more enclosed covered burners under a glass ceramic panel, referred to in the text as "appliances". This standard is intended to be used in conjunction with EN 30-1-1:1998 and EN 30-1-1:1998/A1:1999 or EN 30-1-4:2002, and, where appropriate, EN 30-2-1:1999. It does not cover all of the safety requirements and methods of test that are specific to forced convection ovens and/or grills. Unless excluded specifically hereafter, this standard covers appliances or their components, whether or not the component parts are independent or incorporated into a single appliance, even if the other heating components of the appliance use electrical energy (e.g. gas-electric-cookers). This standard includes requirements covering the electrical safety of equipment incorporated in the appliance that is associated with gas. It does not include requirements covering the electrical safety of electrically-heated component parts of their associated equipment. This Standard does not apply to: - outdoor appliances; - appliances connected to a combustion products evacuation duct; - appliances having a pyrolytic gas oven; - appliances having automatic burner control systems that - have a second safety time, or - control one or more burners that incorporate a separate ignition burner; - appliances having an uncovered burner or a non-enclosed covered burner; - appliances equipped with air-gas ratio controls; - appliances with more than one fan for the supply of combustion air and/or for the evacuation of products of combustion from a combustion chamber; - appliances supplied at pressures greater than those defined in 7.1.2.


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Artikelnummer: STD-34524

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Fastställd: 2003-09-12

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Ersätts av: SS-EN 30-1-3:2003+A1:2006