Standard Tekniska specifikationer · SIS-CEN/TS 16826-1:2015

Molekylärbiologisk diagnostik - Specifikationer för den preanalytiska processen för FFPE vävnad - Del 1: Isolerat RNA

Status: Gällande

This Technical Specification gives recommendations for the handling, documentation and processing of frozen tissue specimens intended for RNA analysis during the preanalytical phase before a molecular assay is performed. This Technical Specification is applicable to molecular in vitro diagnostic examinations (e.g., in vitro diagnostic laboratories, laboratory customers, developers and manufacturers of in vitro diagnostics, institutions and commercial organisations performing biomedical research, biobanks, and regulatory authorities).

RNA profiles in tissues can change significantly before and after collection and can change differently in tissues from different donors / patients.

Therefore, it is essential to take special measures to minimize the described profile changes and modifications within the tissue for subsequent RNA analysis.

Tissues that have undergone chemical stabilisation pre-treatment before freezing are not covered in this document.




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Internationell titel: Molecular in vitro diagnostic examinations - Specifications for pre-examination processes for snap frozen tissue - Part 1: Isolated RNA

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