Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN ISO 11199-3:2006

Gånghjälpmedel som hanteras med båda armarna - Krav och provningsmetoder - Del 3: Gåbord (ISO 11199-3:2005)

Status: Gällande

This part of ISO 11199 specifies requirements and methods of testing the static stability, braking capabilities, static strength and fatigue of walking tables without accessory equipment, unless specified in the particular test procedure. This part of ISO 11199 also gives requirements relating to safety, ergonomics and performance, marking, labelling and information supplied by the manufacturer. This part of ISO 11199 includes all walking tables with three or more wheels or tips against the walking surface and having arm supports in the shape of a horizontal supporting table or two horizontal forearm supports. The requirements and tests are based on everyday usage of walking tables as walking aids, for a maximum user mass as specified by the manufacturer. This part of ISO 11199 includes walking tables specified for a user mass of not less than 35 kg. NOTE Recommendations further to the requirements given in this part of ISO 11199 are given in Annex A.


Hjälpmedel för personer med funktionsnedsättningar (11.180.01)


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