Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN ISO 13141:2016

Vägtrafikinformatik - Elektronisk vägavgiftsupptagning - Kommunikation för positioneringsstöd för autonoma system (ISO 13141:2015)

Status: Gällande · Tillägg: SS-EN ISO 13141:2016/A1:2017

This International Standard establishes requirements for short-range communication for the purposes of augmenting the localization in autonomous electronic fee collection (EFC) systems. Localization augmentation serves to inform on-board equipment (OBE) about geographical location and the identification of a charge object. This International Standard specifies the provision of location and heading information and security means to protect from the manipulation of the OBE with false roadside equipment (RSE).

The localization augmentation communication takes place between an OBE in a vehicle and fixed roadside equipment. This International Standard is applicable to OBE in an autonomous mode of operation.

This International Standard defines attributes and functions for the purpose of localization augmentation, by making use of the dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) communication services provided by DSRC Layer 7, and makes these LAC attributes and functions available to the LAC applications at the RSE and the OBE. Attributes and functions are defined on the level of Application Data Units (ADUs, see Figure 1).

As depicted in Figure 1, this International Standard is applicable to:
— the interface to the DSRC application layer, as specified in ISO 15628 and EN 12834;
— the use of the DSRC stack.

The localization augmentation communication is suitable for a range of short-range communication media. This International Standard gives specific definitions regarding the CEN DSRC stack as specified in EN 15509, and Annexes C, D and E give the use of the Italian DSRC as specified in ETSI/ES 200 674-1, ISO CALM IR, and ARIB DSRC.


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Internationell titel: Electronic fee collection - Localisation augmentation communication for autonomous systems (ISO 13141:2015)

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