Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 15221-2:2006

Facility Management - Del 2: Vägledning för upprättande av överenskommelser

Status: Upphävd · Ersätts av: SS-EN ISO 41012:2018

This European standard provides guidance on the preparation of agreements for Facility Management work. This European standard is applicable to: -Facility Management agreements for both public and private European Union cross-border, as well as domestic, client/Facility Management service provider relationships; – full range of facility services; – both types of Facility Management service providers (internal and external); – all types of working environments (e.g. industrial, commercial, administration, military, health etc.). This European standard is applicable to services that are primarily characterised by the following properties: – business to business services; – managed by the Facility Management service provider; – recurring type operations greater than a one year duration; – performance oriented; – prices or mechanisms to determine prices for services, which are closely linked to performance. In EN 15221-1 the scope of Facility Management is described. This standard is primarily written for Facility Management agreements between a client and an external Facility Management service provider. However, a large part of this standard can be applied to cases where the Facility management service provider is an internal entity within the client's organisation and be very helpful to set up an approach based on Services Level Agreements (SLA). This standard does not replace any specialized standards related to services within the scope of the Facility Management agreement. Applicable standards should be followed. The standard does not: – provide standard forms for Facility Management agreements; – determine rights and obligations between the client and the Facility Management service provider; – detail employment conditions in regard to Facility Management agreements, although such details are extremely important; – give detail concerning the management of environmental issues.


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Framtagen av: Facility Management, SIS/TK 579

Internationell titel: Facility Management - Part 2: Guidance on how to prepare Facility Management agreements

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Fastställd: 2006-11-06

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Ersätts av: SS-EN ISO 41012:2018