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Energikartläggning - Del 4: Transporter

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This European Standard shall be used in conjunction with and is supplementary to EN 16247 1, Energy audits — Part 1: General requirements. It provides additional requirements to EN 16247 1 and shall be applied simultaneously. The procedures described here apply to the different modes of transport (road, rail, marine and aviation), as well as the different ranges (local to long distance) and what is transported (basically, goods and people). This European Standard specifies the requirements, methodology and deliverables specific to energy audits in the transport sector, every situation in which a displacement is made, no matter who the operator is (a public or private company or whether the operator is exclusively dedicated to transport or not), is also addressed in this document. This European Standard advises on both the optimization of energy within each mode of transport, as well as selecting the best mode of transport in each situation; the conclusions drawn by the energy audit can influence decisions on infrastructure and investment e.g. in teleconferencing or web meetings. Energy audits of buildings and processes associated with transport can be conducted respectively with the EN 16247 2 Buildings and EN 16247 3 Processes e.g. pipelines, depots and escalators/travelators. This part of the standard does not include the infrastructure which supplies energy e.g. the electricity generation of energy for railways.


Kvalitetsledning och kvalitetssäkring (03.120.10) Energieffektivisering. Energibesparing: allmänt (27.015)


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