Standard Svensk standard · SS-ISO 5725-6

Noggrannhet (riktighet och precision) för mätmetoder och mätresultat - Del 6: Praktisk användning av noggrannhetsvärden

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1.1 The purpose of this part of ISO 5725 is to give some indications of the way in which accuracy data can be used in various practical situations by: a) giving a standard method of calculating the repeatability limit, the reproducibility limit and other limits to be used in examining the test reults obtained by a standard measurement method; b) providing a way of checking the acceptability of test results obtained under repeatability or reproducibility conditions; c) describing how to assess the stability of results within a laboratory over a period of time, and thus providing a method of "quality control" of the operations within that laboratory; d) describing how to assess whether a given laboratory is able to use a given standard measurement method in a satisfactory way; e) describing how to compare alternative measurement methods. 1.2 This part of ISO 5725 is concerned exclusively with measurement methods which yield measurements on a continuous scale and give a single numerical figure as the result, although this single figure may be the outcome of a calculation from a set of observations.


Användning av statistiska metoder (03.120.30) Kvalitetsteknik (06.020)


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