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Samhällssäkerhet - Krishantering - Meddelandestruktur vid informationsutbyte

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ISO/TR 22351:2015 describes a message structure for the exchange of information between organizations involved in emergency management. An organization can ingest the received information, based on the message structure, in its own operational picture. The structured message is called Emergency Management Shared Information (EMSI). ISO/TR 22351:2015 describes the message structure built in order to facilitate interoperability between existing and new information systems. The intended audience of ISO/TR 22351:2015 is control room engineers, information systems designers and decision makers in emergency management. NOTE The EMSI can be used complementary to other message protocols, as for example the common alert protocol (CAP).


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Internationell titel: Societal security - Emergency management - Message structure for exchange of information

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