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Vägfordon - Tillgång till reparations- och underhållsinformation (RMI) - Del 6: Specifika användningsfall och krav för L-kategorifordon (ISO 18541-6:2018)

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ISO 18541-6:2018 contains all elements (definitions, use cases, technical requirements, functional user interfaces requirements and conformance test cases) applicable for the standardized access to repair and maintenance information for two-wheeled and three-wheeled vehicles and quadricycles (L-category vehicles)
The development of this document has been based on ISO 18541-1, ISO 18541-2, ISO 18541-3 and ISO 18541-4. This document constitutes an adaptation of standardized access to RMI prescriptions for passenger cars to L-category vehicles keeping the objectives and principles of the mandate M/421 from the European commission.
ISO 18541-6:2018 references the usage of a Digital Annex of standardized search terms for RMI. The provision of such a Digital Annex will follow the process described in ISO 18542.
CEN will nominate a Registration Authority according to ISO 18542 for the creation and maintenance of an appropriate Digital Annex.


Fordonsinformatik, datasystem i fordon (43.040.15) Diagnostik-, underhålls- och provningsutrustningar (43.180)


Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: Reparationsinformation (RMI/OBD), SIS/TK 240/AG 02

Internationell titel: Road vehicles - Standardized access to automotive repair and maintenance information (RMI) - Part 6: L-Category vehicle specific RMI use cases and requirements (ISO 18541-6:2018)

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