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Hydraulik och pneumatik - Anslutningar för allmän användning - Slanganslutningar - Del 6: Slanganslutningar med 60 grader konände enligt ISO 8434-6 (ISO 12151-6:2009, IDT)

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This part of ISO 12151 specifies the general and dimensional requirements for the design and performance of hose fittings made of carbon steel with 60° cone ends for hose sizes 5 to 51 inclusive, in accordance with ISO 4397.

These hose fittings (see Figure 1 for a typical example) are for use in hydraulic fluid power systems with hoses that meet the requirements of the respective hose standards and in general applications with suitable hoses.

NOTE 1 Other materials can be supplied as agreed between the manufacturer and user.

NOTE 2 For hose fittings used in hydraulic and pneumatic braking systems on road vehicles (as defined in the scope of ISO/TC 22), see ISO 4038, ISO 4039-1 and ISO 4039-2.


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Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: Hydraulik och pneumatik, SIS/TK 106

Internationell titel: Connections for hydraulic fluid power and general use - Hose fittings - Part 6: Hose fittings with ISO 8434-6 60 degree cone ends (ISO 12151-6:2009, IDT)

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